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Chris Harding, BDP's Chair
Chris Harding, Chair
Nick Fairham, Chief Executive
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Isabelle Priest is Managing Editor at the RIBA Journal
Isabelle Priest
Managing Editor, RIBA Journal

As the world grapples with defining socially progressive architecture in the 21st century, Isabelle Priest examines its relevance and the need for renewed commitment to the common good.

Meanwhile… in New York

The urban health outcomes of existing communities in New York can improve by using the concept of meanwhile use as a catalyst.Rosalind Tsang

A step ahead

A new architectural installation at Senate House has created a symbol of opportunity and a new canvas for UoL students.Naomi Shewa

Leighton House: What it means for the collection

The culmination of the restoration of Leighton House marks a truly transformational moment in the museum’s long history.Daniel Robbins

Not all projects are like this… but they should be

The sustainable design of The Entopia Building in Cambridge has set the built environment industry on a new path.Lucy Townsend

A coalition for change

Diversity and inclusivity in architecture can be achieved by nurturing young talent from all races, classes, education routes, and backgrounds.Carmel Simmonds

Second life for an icon

The iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo is being demolished, but it has secured a second life in the metaverse. Alistair Kell

Heatherwood Hospital: one year on

The new Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot is having a positive impact on the region, a year after it was officially opened. Sean Woodhead

The campus of tomorrow

Experience BDP's collaborative vision for 21st century education estates.Daniel Walder

A life in design

Iris Dunbar explains how she and her three collaborators came to conceive BDP’s interior design unit whilst sharing her knowledge from 50 years of working in the profession.Iris Dunbar

From office to oasis

The design of BDP’s own studio in downtown Toronto has been described as the future of the workplace in North America.Andrea McCann and Caroline Robbie

Leaving a legacy

The future of stadium design is increasingly focused on legacy and overlay.Dipesh Patel

Space, art and culture

The intersection of space, art, and culture is crucial in shaping the future of mixed-use developments.Garry Wilding

The SciTech retrofit revolution

Adapting existing property assets is the first step in the process of designing sustainable research and development facilities.Michael Cambden

Route canal

Lighting installations transcend the purpose of illuminating the darkness; they possess the power to bring security, activity, and vibrancy to once undesirable and unsafe areas.Chris Lowe and Nick Meddows

What does 1.5 million homes look like?

The goal to build 1.5 million homes for Ontario in the next decade requires real solutions to stand up to the challengeOssie Airewele

Keeping it cultural

Retaining culturally significant architecture is an important element in the regeneration of industrial China.Peter Marshall

Revitalising history: the Super Slow Way

A post-industrial canal corridor in Lancashire is set to be transformed into a dynamic new linear park.Darrell Wilson

Curious minds

Two creative designs are changing the landscape of education campuses in The Netherlands.Björn Bleumink

Regeneration Brainery

BDP's partnership with a social enterprise is supporting young talent in the UK.Mark Braund

Build it. Beat it.

A new cancer treatment centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital is set to benefit children and families across the world.Benedict Zucchi

Be brave

The global rise in regenerative building design requires a shift in mindset to make it work.Golnaz Ighany

The future of housing

Five important design approaches are shaping the future of housing delivery in the UK, and beyond.Adam Darby


The transformation of a 1990s London office block has restored success and prosperity to an ageing asset.Joe Wilson

From lab to jab

Adapting existing property assets is the first step in the process of designing sustainable research and development facilities.Malachy McNamara

Hi, streets

Research into Britain’s high street crisis finds that there is much cause for optimism.David Rudlin

What can we do with a warehouse?

An open-plan district in Abu Dhabi aspires to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and boundless possibilities.Ben Ashton