Design for Life

Chris Harding, Chair

Chris Harding

Our vision is to create an internationally leading design practice bringing the value of good design towards improving our lives. Design has everyday relevance, from designing cities, communities, and neighbourhoods to buildings and spaces – understanding how they work, the challenges they face and the solutions they need, we always design with people and quality of life in mind.

To do this successfully we have to do it together. Hence our multi-disciplinary approach and global collaboration through initiatives such as BDP Lab, BDP Cities and BDP Belonging.

Isabelle Priest, managing editor of the RIBA Journal, is our guest writer this year. She calls for a renewed commitment to design as a force for good. This is why we are so pleased to continue our association with the RIBAJ’s MacEwen Award, the only design award aimed at countering the view that architecture appears to be losing its social idealism.

In a post pandemic world, the societal tide is turning. A renewed focus on common good and quality of life may finally signal the demise of the starchitect. BDP’s continuous collective model has stood the test of time. It is more relevant today than ever. Design by the people for the people.

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