The GGB Awards 2022



The GGB Awards are presented annually in honour of our founder, Sir George Grenfell Baines. Teams are invited to submit completed projects, which are judged by leaders from each of our professions and ranked according to their design quality and the level of interdisciplinary integration. The finalists are selected for their beautifully simple approach to design, where the clarity of integrated thinking reflects a deep understanding of people, place and time.

The Judges

Judging Criteria


How well does the design respond to the opportunity of the activities?


How well does the design respond to the opportunity of the site?


How well does the design utilise modern methods to enhance the design, construction and operation?


How well has the design incorporated sustainable design solutions to reduce its environmental impact?


And together, do they combine the functional with the experiential to tell a clear and compelling story?

The Awards

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Award wins 2023

Many of our projects have been recognised with awards during the course of 2022/23. These have been collected across a wide range of professions, sectors and locations.

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