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Progressive Places

Climate change, rapid urbanisation, digital disruption and demographic shifts, together with a worldwide health pandemic and economic fluctuations, are challenges facing the global community. It is our ethical responsibility as designers to find creative solutions to meet these challenges – for our clients and society.

Harnessing an interdisciplinary mindset, our Progressive Places campaign is intended to stimulate ideas about the future of our cities, towns and communities where quality of life is pre-eminent. Four global themes address the current challenges and provide a framework for future thinking and progressive design.

Inclusive Communities

Town Planner Fiona Sibley argues we should be paying more attention to the social outcomes of development.

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Resilient Places

Architect Nick Durham asks just because ‘we’ve always done it that way’ does that mean it’s best?

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Innovative Cities

Architect Keith Papa, Civil and Structural Engineer John Roycroft and Building Services Engineer Steve Pardy take an interdisciplinary approach to collectively rise to the challenge of achieving net zero carbon labs.

Design for All

Jesse Klimitz

After the WaterSHED

Jonny Day and Mike Riley
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People-Centred Placemaking

Pattern Design joined BDP in 2021. Dipesh Patel explains how his team designs stadia that guarantee the best fan experiences across the world.

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